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Get better traffic to your website by choosing the right Keyword Phrase

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Get better traffic to your website by choosing the right Keyword Phrase

Post by ItXBosS on 4/9/2012, 3:37 pm

<blockquote class="postcontent restore ">Hello,

There are many bloggers who blog because they like

to write articles and want people to read what they
write about. If you are one of these people who want
somebody to read their articles then it is very important
to generate traffic to your website or blog. You actually
want as many people as possible to share your blog in
their social network.

If you want to achieve that you need to write articles

with high quality and unique content. This is not very
difficult but it needs some work. The most important
thing in this business is to rank high for a specific
keyword phrase in search engines like Google. But
you need to know some basic steps and follow them carefully.

• In step one you need to find a keyword phrase

for which you want to rank high. Do not write
anything you want but start thinking and concentrate
on writing articles which can help people. It is very
important to know that people want answers.
If you completely understand this concept you will
write really great and valuable articles. You have
to find long tail keywords with low competition
and of course a decent number of people who
are searching for these keywords. There are many
tools out there that can help you to choose
the best keyword phrase that is suitable for you.
Some of these tools are Google keyword tool,
Market samurai and wordtracker.

• In step two you have to make sure your

title contains Keyword and of course your post
is relative to your title. Thus do not use your
keyword often. You are allowed to use your keyword
in every 100 words. It is very rational because
you do not want to be amateur if you want to rank high.
Of course it will be great if you include your title in the
beginning of your post. This makes Google to see that
you know what you are doing and of course search
engines love professional people who have knowledge.

• It is very important to add links within your posts.

If you add links in all of your posts which leads to other
posts in your website or blog, that means that you give
a lot of information to your visitor and maximize his
experience. And believe me that Google want your
visitor to stay in your website as possible as it can be.
If visitors stay much time in your website then their
experience is better and this increases your rank.

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