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Earn Money wth for Free using Minute Workers In ( URDU & English )

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Earn Money wth for Free using Minute Workers In ( URDU & English )

Post by ItXBosS on 1/9/2012, 1:21 pm

Salam Friends!

Today i want to show you how to make more money Minute Workers it is jobs provider site which will give you the task when you have to done just post your performance when the employer accept you job you will earn, You can payout minimum $4,

Their is a special choice i.e Join the Minute Worker Forum

New Post: $0.01
New Thread: $0.01
Per reply to your thread: $0.01
Users must have over 50 posts to earn from the forums - This acts as a probation period which helps to stop spammers.
Please note that spam posts and threads will void your forum earnings and you will be BANNED. Your earnings can be withdrawn at $2.00. this withdraw will arrived to your Minute Worker Account

Referral System:
Help Friends Join To Make More Money
For every new member who uses your referral link you will receive $0.05 per signup and when they complete their first job you will receive and extra $0.10 in your earnings.

so then wait for what join it now
Click To Join

Explain Minute Worker in URDU

agar ap meri English smjh nae pa rahy ho top mai apko Urdu 2no mai tutorial daina chahonga so phely Minute Worker ky bary mai jan ly ye aik aisi site hai jo apko Task ki shakal mai Jobs daiti hai jab ap Task pura karty ho to ap Response ky taor par jawb daina hoga ky ap ny job Complete kia Employer apka job daikh laingy agar tek ta to apko us job ky $ mil jaengy har job ky alag alag $ hoty hai
Is mai aik aur best chez bhi hai wo ye ky Minute Worker ka Forum Join karo jab

New Post: $0.01
New Thread: $0.01
Per reply to your thread: $0.01

ye hai per post,thread,reply ki rates

is mai aik aur khas bat bhi hai ky ap referral lay ao and $ pao jab apka referral join kary ga to apko $0.05 milyga jab wo apna phela job yani task pura karyga to apko $0.10 mily ga hai na faida hi faida Smile

Join ky liye yah
Click Kary

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